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Batch Processing is a powerful way to open, edit and save many images at once, saving time and effort. The tool is ideal for working on single images as well as many sets of bracketed exposures. Aurora HDR 2018 will automatically group brackets based on EXIF data stored in each image including exposure settings, aperture settings, ISO levels, lens data and time shot.

Getting Started with Batch Processing

To begin a Batch Processing session, either access it from the initial Open Aurora HDR 2018 Open dialog, or… once the application has started from File > Batch Processing… or by clicking on the Batch Process button in the Top Toolbar.

  1. Load the Brackets. You can drag files or folders (which contain files) into the new window to load them. You can also click the Browse button in the upper right corner to bring up the Open file dialog. If the “Include Subfolders” option is on, and you’ve added folders, then Aurora HDR 2018 will search for all images in every subfolder of the added folders.  Give the application a little time to analyze the images. 
  2. Choose a develop method. Images can be processed as single images, or as HDR Brackets. To switch the image processing type, you have to press the appropriate button at the bottom in the middle of the window. 
    • HDR Brackets mode is set by default, which will automatically sort and group exposure brackets and process them accordingly.
    • If the Single Images mode is selected, all the images will be treated as independent files and processed separately.
  1. After the images you wish to process have been selected, press the Continue button to reveal options and settings for Batch Processing.

Batch Processing Settings

The Batch Processing feature is very versatile and contains many options that you can conveniently apply to a large set of images. Moving top to bottom, here are the options you have available:

Default Settings

  • Preset. The Preset panel on the left side of the window displays the Batch Processing presets that are available. To save current batch processing options as a preset, simply press the Add button at the bottom of the Preset panel and name your new preset. Thereafter, the preset will be saved and listed in the Preset panel. Because Batch Processing has many parameters, it’s helpful to create a custom preset to save time later. Note: the Batch Presets are not related to the image enhancement presets found in the main Aurora HDR 2018 software, BUT can apply an enhancement preset as part of the batch operation.
  • Save to. This option lets you choose where processed files will be saved. You can save them in their current location or browse to select another folder. When you’ve made a choice, the file “path” will be displayed. Note: Because it is possible to overwrite your original files, it is a good practice to save your batch-processed files into a new folder separate from the original files. 

USER Settings

  • Naming. Aurora HDR 2018 has very flexible file naming options. You can add a prefix and suffix, choose from a variety of base names and even select the case of the letters. This gives you tremendous flexibility to organize your files as part of the batch processing operation.
  • Format. Choose way type of file should be created.   You can make a JPEG, PNG, TIFF or PSD file during the batch processing.
  • Color Profile. This controls how the colors are interpreted.  Options include sRGB, Adobe RGB, and ProPhoto RGB
  • Resize. Easily choose a dimension for the new files.

Advanced Settings

If you need even more precious, be sure to try out the Advanced Settings.  Just click the Advanced button at the bottom of the merge window. 

  • Sharpen. Enhances edge detail in the photos when merging.
  • Color Denoise.  Helps remove unwanted color noise in the image.
  • HDR Settings. The options presented here mimic the HDR Merge dialog of the main Aurora HDR 2018 software. These include advanced options for alignment, ghost reduction, and chromatic aberration cleanup. Select the settings desired by clicking the appropriate checkboxes.

Click Done to store the Advanced Settings.

Running the Batch

After selecting your desired Batch Processing options, click the Continue button in the lower right of the window to begin the operation. This will display a processing window showing progress.

  • To return to the Image Selection window and select different images prior to beginning a Batch Processing operation, click the Back button in the lower left of the window. 
  • To cancel Batch Processing altogether, click the “X” in the upper-left corner of the window or the Cancel button in the lower-right. 

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