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Video Gallery

Learn more about the power of Aurora HDR
and get inspired with these great videos.

Сreate amazing HDR photos with Serge Ramelli

Aurora HDR Pro deep dive with Trey Ratcliff

Watch the HDR guru Trey Ratcliff using Aurora HDR

Incredible Scenery Techniques: Aurora HDR

Create incredible images together with HDR expert Captain Kimo!

Introducing Aurora HDR

Get a detailed overview of Aurora HDR

Interior Photos & Aurora HDR

Learn how to make the best interior images ever!

Quick look

Get a quick overview of Aurora HDR user interface, tools and features

Quick workflow

Pro photographer David Crew conducts a quick photo edit

UI Overview

Learn how to navigate the interface of Aurora HDR

How-to use presets

Fantastic tools for one-click magic in HDR photo editing

Realistic HDR images

Learn how to create stunning realistic HDR images.

Advanced HDR Techniques

Explore layers, custom textures, HDR radiance and more.

Aurora HDR Pro ver. 1.1.

Check the new amazing features of Aurora HDR Pro version 1.1.

Serge Ramelli: First look

A quick walk-through by the pro photographer & actor Serge Ramelli

Plug-in performance

How to use Aurora HDR as a plugin in Photoshop, Lightroom, Aperture.

Tools overview

From image radiance to color toning, from glow to vignette

Remove HDR noise

Trey Ratcliff's tutorial on how to get rid of noise on your HDR photos

Aurora HDR + Creative Kit

Use Creative Kit and Aurora HDR to get even more amazing photos.

How-to use layers

Layers give you freedom & ultimate control for stunning HDR photos

Trey shows layers

Trey Ratcliff's tutorial on how to use layers in Aurora HDR for best results

How-to add Glow effect

Learn how to use the Glow tool in Aurora HDR Pro

Textures & Luminosity

Learn how to add a custom texture and create a luminosity mask

more videos Aurora HDR  video gallery

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