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** General **

CMD + O - Open

CMD + S - Save

CMD + Shift + E - Export

Shift + CMD + F - Show in Finder

CMD + W - Close

Shift + CMD + Z - Redo

CMD + Z - Undo

CMD + B - Batch Processing mode

C - Crop

CMD + "+" - Zoom In

CMD + "-" - Zoom Out

CMD + 0 - Fit to Screen

CMD + 1 - Original Size

\ - Quick Before/After Comparison

J - Show Clipping.  Show/hide the display of “hot” and “cold” pixels.

Z - Show Navigator

CTRL+CMD+F - Enter Full Screen

; - Side-by-Side Comparison

Tab - Toggle Presets

F - Full Screen Preview

H - Move Mode

B - Brush Mode

V - Bracket with the Middle Exposure

Option+click on Whites, Blacks, Shadows, Highlights, MidtonesOption Mask

G - Activates the Gradient Mask Tool

R - Activates the Radial Mask Tool

L - Activates the Luminosity Masking Tool.

CTRL+CMD+Space - Emoji & Symbols

CMD+M - Minimize Window

CMD+P - Print

CMD+Shift+P - Page Setup

** Mask editing **

[ - decrease the brush radius

] - Increase the brush radius

Shift + [ - Decrease the brush softness

Shift + ] - Increase the brush softness

- Switching between painting / erasure modes

CMD + I - Invert the layer mask

CMD + Delete - Clear the mask. Make it empty. It means, that the layer working result

will be invisible, until you paint something with the brush

/ - Show current layer mask in the form of red transparent image imposition

Space - moves the image in the painting mode

Read more about HDR photography and learn what true HDR is

Download the full Aurora HDR 2017 User Guide in PDF Format

Download Aurora HDR 2016 User Guide in PDF Format

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