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To save your work in progress, press Cmd + S on your keyboard or choose the File > Save… menu item. Your work is saved in its current state so that you can later continue from the same point. The file is saved in the proprietary Aurora HDR 2017 file format and cannot be opened with another application. For other software to use images created using Aurora HDR 2017, you’ll need to Export the file (see below).

To save the results of your work to an image file, use the File > Export to Image menu item or the key combination Shift + Cmd + E. You can also click on Export/Share button on the Top Toolbar and click on the green Export to Image button.

When you export a file, you can save in a variety of file formats including JPG, TIFF, PNG and even PSD. Each file format has its own unique set of parameters which are standard macOS system options.

Other options you have within this pop-up is the ability to share to several other services or open the file for further editing within other software.

Share to Apple Mail, Apple iMessage, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, SmugMug or 500px. The latter three are online gallery and print services which are very popular. You will need to separately have an account on these services to access them within Aurora HDR 2017

Open in any of the Macphun Creative Kit apps, plus iPhoto, Aperture, Photos for Mac, Photoshop, Lightroom and Photoshop Elements.

Aurora HDR 2017 also supports several specialty file formats unique to HDR, including .HDR, .EXR and Floating Point .TIF. These formats provide terrific interoperability with other powerful applications. 

Learn more about how you can take HDR photographs right to make final result even better.

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