Aurora HDR 2017 Presets

Presets allow you to make instant changes to your HDR image with one click of a button. Each preset is made up of all the saved settings (sliders) located in the right sidebar. For each layer, a different preset can be applied, which can make for some creative results! You can also use Aurora HDR tutorial to create your own presets as you get more familiar with HDR photography. Let's dig into presets feature a bit deeper.

Clicking the green Preset button at the bottom right of the Aurora workspace or the Preset icon in the Top toolbar shows/hides a “filmstrip” panel at the bottom of the application which displays the image preview of each preset available in a given category. Once the filmstrip is visible, clicking on the round button on the right side will reveal the categories.

To select the current preset from the filmstrip, simply click on the preview image. All the preset settings of the current preset are immediately applied to the image. An orange frame highlights the current preset and, as your mouse is positioned over the preset an opacity amount slider is revealed, with the default set to 100% opacity. Move the slider to the left to reduce the amount of the effect. To view all the presets in a given category, simply use the arrow keys on your keyboard or the horizontal scrollbar located at the bottom of the Aurora HDR 2017 window.

Preset Panel Functions

The Presets button and the Presets button in the Top toolbar displays and hides the presets filmstrip bar on the bottom of the window.

Clicking on the round button on the right of the Presets filmstrip will display a window with a grid of preset categories. The current category will be highlighted and will also be the name of the category (e.g. “Basic”, “Indoor”, etc.). As stated before, the filmstrip will contain previews for each of the presets in the chosen category.

Preset Categories

There are default and custom user presets:

Default presets are those that came originally installed into the application.

Custom presets are created by the user.

Application Preset Categories

  • Basic - versatile built-in presets suitable for all kinds of images.
  • Realistic HDR - suitable for images for which a realistic style is desired.
  • Landscape - suitable to the nature and landscapes.
  • Dramatic - a set of creative presets for stylized photos.
  • Trey’s presets – signature presets by Trey Ratcliff.
  • Captain Kimo presets - signature presets by Kim Seng (AKA “Captain Kimo”).
  • Serge Ramelli presets - signature presets by Serge Ramelli.
  • Indoor - suitable for shooting of interiors as well as objects.
  • Architecture - suitable for architecture, cities, and urban landscapes.
  • Favorites - a set of presets that were listed in the favorite or selected.
  • Custom - is a set of user-created presets.
  • All Presets - a category includes all the presets in alphabetical order.

More With Presets

Add to your favorite or chosen presets

To highlight any preset as a favorite, click on the star in the lower right corner of the image preview in the presets filmstrip. It will change color to bright yellow. Re-click on the star to de-select the preset as a favorite.

Additional capabilities for user presets

There are additional features for user presets that are not available for the built-in presets. To access the context-sensitive menu for a user preset, Control-click on the preset or click on the right button of the mouse while hovering over the preset image.

  • Show in Finder. Opens a Finder window with the currently selected preset file. This allows you to copy the preset and pass it on to someone else.
  • Delete. Deletes the current user preset.
  • Rename. Renames the current preset.
  • Export. Saves the current preset file to a location of your choice.
  • Update with Current Settings. To over-write or re-save the preset with the current state of the sliders in the sidebar.

Export and Import of Presets

You can freely export your own presets and import another person’s presets into your application.

To do this, select the menu item File > Show Presets Folder which displays the folder with the current preset of the application. From there, you can easily add files (presets) to this folder. All presets in this folder appear in the Custom category and the All Presets category.

  • To export, you can simply copy files from this folder.
  • To import, just copy the files into the new presets folder.
  • To delete a preset, you can simply delete the preset file in the folder.

Adding a Custom Preset Pack

Occasionally Skylum or other professional photographers will release a collection of presets, called “Packs”. When you import a Custom Preset Pack, it will create a new category in the Presets category window, and display any associated presets therein.

To add a Custom Preset Pack, select the menu item File > Add Custom Presets Pack. An open dialog will be displayed, allowing you to choose the Pack you wish to add.

Creating a New User Preset

  • To create a new custom preset, press the + icon to the right of the Presets button. This will save the current state of all the sliders in the Side Bar.
  • Alternatively, use the File > Create Preset menu.
  • After clicking on the button or choosing the menu item, enter the name of the new preset. The newly created preset appears in the Custom Presets and in the All Presets categories.

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