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There are several ways of opening and importing your single photo or HDR Brackets into Aurora HDR 2017. To start we’ll cover the 2 ways to open your images directly from Aurora HDR 2017 as a standalone app.

When you first launch Aurora HDR 2017, you’re presented with a Load HDR Brackets screen where you can either drag your files onto this screen to open, or Click the Folder button to navigate to the files you want to use.

Select your HDR Brackets (or use a single photo) and select Open. 

When you select an image or images, you will see a preview window with the images you plan to process. You’ll also be able to select a variety of automatically applied corrections: Alignment (a checkbox on the main preview panel) and Ghost Reduction, Chromatic Aberration Reduction and Color Denoise for RAW files only, all of which are accessed by clicking the button Additional Settings in the lower left.

Choose any additional options you may want and then click the Green Create HDR button.

Aurora HDR 2017 will merge your brackets and create your base level HDR Tone Mapping leaving you with a starting point for your creative process!

Open From Adobe Lightroom

To edit your HDR brackets from Lightroom in Aurora HDR, select the images you want to use, right-click on them, click on Export and then choose Export to Aurora HDR 2017 or from the Menu Bar, choose Photo > Edit In > and then select Aurora HDR 2017. If you've made changes to your source files in Lightroom, you have the option to export Original files or TIFF files that include the Lightroom adjustments.

From here follow the same steps as the stand alone opening instructions.

Open from Adobe Photoshop

To open your file from Photoshop, ensure your image is open and then from the menus, select Filter > Macphun Software > Aurora HDR 2017. Then follow the same steps as the stand alone opening instructions.

Download the full Aurora HDR 2017 User Guide in PDF Format

Download Aurora HDR 2016 User Guide in PDF Format