How to Use Crop Tool

This feature allows cropping the picture and the ability to align (straighten) the horizon in the image if that is not horizontal.

To switch to Crop Tool, click the Scissors button in the top toolbar or press the "C" key. After pressing this button, the application enters Crop Tool Mode.

An Info Bar displays all functions for cropping an image. The image is displayed with a grid that represents the ratio chosen in the Ration drop-down menu.

Possible actions with the Crop Tool:

  • Resize. Click on any of the edges, or the resize handles, and drag them to resize the cropping rectangle.
  • Resize by Dimension. Clicking on the numbers to the right of the Size label allows you to enter precise dimensions for your image to be cropped.
  • Move. Click inside the image crop area and hold the left mouse button or the spacebar to reposition the image “behind” the cropping rectangle.
  • Rotate. Click on the Angle readout to reveal a drop-down slider for adjusting the angle of the image up to 45 degrees in either direction.

Once you’ve cropped the image so that what you want to remain after cropping is visible wishing the cropping rectangle, click the Apply button. To cancel this action press Cancel. If you don`t like the result, you can easily undo the cropping by pressing the Undo button. Hence cropping is a safe operation that can be easily undone.

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