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How to Install Aurora HDR 2017

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Aurora HDR 2017 is available from the store at You can also download a free trial version. Aurora HDR 2017 installation is pretty straight forward. Once you’ve downloaded the ZIP file simply navigate to it on your computer and double-click to unpack/open it.

Once this is complete you’ll want to move the Aurora HDR 2017 application to the Applications folder (or another preferred location on your Mac).

Depending on your security settings you may be prompted to enter your Administrator password during this move and again when opening for the first time.

When you launch Aurora HDR 2017 for the first time, you'll see an activation window with several options. Make the necessary selection and enjoy Aurora HDR 2017. 

Purchase. You'll be taken to the Aurora HDR 2017 store to purchase the full version. 
Activate. Enter your email and serial number to activate the full version.
Launch Demo. Try Aurora HDR 2017 for free without any time limits.

NOTE: The demo mode allows you to use the editing tools, layers and other features, except for saving, sharing and export of your photos.

NOTE: The version of Aurora HDR 2017 available through the Mac App Store does not have Plug-in functionality. 

How-to install Aurora HDR 2017 as a plug-in

Aurora HDR 2017 may be used as a standalone application or as a plug-in:

  • Adobe Photoshop / Photoshop Elements
  • Adobe Lightroom
  • Apple Aperture

To install Aurora HDR 2017 as a Plugin, simply launch Aurora HDR 2017 and choose the Aurora HDR 2017 menu > Install Plug-ins...From the following Installation Menu, choose the options you require and follow the on-screen prompts. 

If the applications are open when you install, they will need to be restarted to continue use.

Access Aurora HDR 2017 from each of the host applications in the following way:

Apple Aperture
Select an image and go to Photos > Edit with Plug-in and select Aurora HDR 2017

Adobe Lightroom
When viewing an Image in either the Library or Develop modules:
Right-click on the image > Export > Export to Aurora HDR 2017. You have the option to use the Original source files or, if you've made any changes in Lightroom that you'd like Aurora HDR 2017 to use, you can also choose Use .TIFF with Lightroom adjusters.

Adobe Photoshop
When working on an Image: Filter > Macphun Software > Aurora HDR 2017

From the Apple App Store go to the product page, click the price under the icon, type in your Apple ID and confirm your purchase. Aurora HDR 2017 will be installed into your Applications folder.

Download the full Aurora HDR 2017 User Guide in PDF Format

Download Aurora HDR 2016 User Guide in PDF Format

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