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Full List of Tools & Features

Aurora HDR™ support.

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  • New image processing technology optimized for latest processors
  • Automatic RAW color noise reduction
  • Batch Processing
  • DNG Files support
  • Polarize Filter
  • Radial Masking Tool
  • Powerful Zone System for Luminosity masks
  • Top & Bottom Adjustment Tool
  • Defringing tool
  • HSL tool
  • Faether & Density parameters for layer masks
  • Signature Presets from Captain Kimo and Serge Ramelli
  • Image Resize on export
  • Image Sharpen on export
  • 3 Additional Layers Blend modes (Darken, Color Burn, Lighten)
  • Trey Ratcliff signature HDR presets
  • PSD Files Support
  • Native RAW Support
  • Plugin for Photoshop, Lightroom and Aperture
  • Gradient Masking tool
  • Chromatic Abberation Reduction
  • Ghost Reduction
  • Show histogram clippings on the image
  • Export to HDR File formats (.EXR, .HDR, fp-TIFF)
  • Layers and Masking
  • Blend modes for Layers
  • Photos for Mac extension
  • 70+ HDR presets for all types of photos
  • Layers with blend modes
  • Revolutionary tone-mapping technology
  • Custom Textures 
  • Clarity, detail & structure controls
  • Glow tool 
  • Image radiance 
  • HDR noise reduction tool
  • Structure tool
  • Tone curve
  • Vignette
  • Details Enhancing tool
  • Histogram
  • Crop
  • Color Toning tool
  • Auto alignment
  • Social sharing (FB, 500px, Twitter, etc)
  • Multiple license valid for 5 Macs
  • Photoshop plug-in (Aurora HDR 2017)
  • Lightroom plug-in (Aurora HDR 2017) 
  • Aperture plug-in (Aurora HDR 2017)

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Download the full Aurora HDR 2017 User Guide in PDF Format

Download Aurora HDR 2016 User Guide in PDF Format