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Aurora HDR 2018 offers many easy-to use as well as powerful controls to adjust and improve your image.  The first step of course is opening a picture within the application. 

How to Open a Single Photo

Aurora HDR 2018 can open a series of the same images shot with different exposures. A series of images with different exposures are commonly known as HDR brackets. Aurora HDR 2018 supports any practical number of images in a bracket. In addition, all versions can open just a single image which is great for “re-imagining” your back catalog of photos.

How to Open a Single Photo
There are several ways to open images based on your personal preference.  Each of these four methods generates the same outcome, so choose the one that works best for you.

  1. First, launch Aurora HDR 2018.
  2. You can now open a supported file format using any of these methods.
    • At the startup screen, click the Open Image button to navigate to and open a file.
    • Choose File > Open… to navigate to and open a file.
    • To open an image you recently edited, choose File > Open Recent.
    • You can also drag a photo directly onto the Aurora HDR 2018 application in the Mac OS Dock or Windows Taskbar.
  1. Your photo opens a new window where you’ll need to make a few selections.
  2. Click the Settings icon (gear) to choose from two options that affect the opened file.
  3. Color Denoise. Turn this option On to remove lowlight color noise when merging brackets.  This option is only visible if opening a raw file.  It will also increase the processing time for the image due to the noise removal process
  4. Chromatic Aberration Removal. Use this option to remove purple or green fringe that can appear along the edges of an image (especially in areas of high contrast or backlight).
  5. Check the box for Tone Mapping if you’d like to Aurora HDR 2018 to automatically reduce noise, and produce a more realistic and natural initial image. This option is usually best left on.
  6. Click Create HDR to open the file and begin editing.

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