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Aurora HDR™ support.

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The application includes many user-friendly features to simplify your work.

Double click on any slider name resets the value to the default. In most cases, double-clicking returns it to 0.

If you press and hold the Option key and click on a slider value in the sidebar, moving the cursor to the left and right will let you set the values of the slider with high accuracy. Slider sensitivity is higher than with its normal movement. This allows you to fine-tune to small numeric values.

Pressing the "F" button enables full-screen viewing of your image. This allows you to look at the result conveniently without the interface. Press any key to return to normal mode.

To quickly open a folder of source files of an HDR image bracket in the Finder, you can use the File > Show in Finder… menu item.

The Image Background can also be changed. By default it is dark gray. But it can be lightened, as desired. Select the menu item View > Background or right-mouse click on the image background to select a new background color for the image.

Single View Mode, accessed from the View menu, displays adjustment controls for only the selected tool in the Tools Sidebar. With this viewing option, all the tools, except the current one, are closed. Click on a different tool and the current one will be closed and the new one opened. In this mode, only one control is visible, cleaning up the sidebar interface significantly.

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Download Aurora HDR 2016 User Guide in PDF Format

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