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Master HDR photography for free

HDR photography is stunning, impressive and... simple.
Join our free HDR course to learn the basics, as well as advanced
techniques of high-dynamic-range photography. And quickly
become the HDR master.

  • The HDR basics

    Lesson 1

    • What is HDR?
    • Your camera settings
    • How to shoot for HDR?
  • Exposure brackets

    Lesson 2

    • Why do you need brackets?
    • How to merge the brackets?
    • HDR from a single shot
  • Tripod vs Handheld HDR

    Lesson 3

    • The rules of using a tripod
    • How to shoot handheld?
    • What’s better: handheld vs tripod?
  • Exposure in HDR

    Lesson 4

    • What is exposure?
    • How to choose the best ISO?
    • How to set a proper shutter speed?
  • Natural HDR

    Lesson 5

    • Natural vs Creative HDR
    • How to make it right?
    • Great examples of natural HDR
  • Pick the right location for HDR

    Lesson 6

    • The best locations for HDR
    • Catch the perfect moment
    • Creative experiments
  • Black and White HDR photography

    Lesson 7

    • How to make the B&W HDR?
    • Shadows, Highlights, etc
    • Is B&W the new color in HDR?
  • HDR Textures & more

    Lesson 8

    • Many ways to add style to HDR
    • Creative HDR textures
    • How to make it right?
  • Masks and layers in HDR processing

    Lesson 9

    • Why do you need layers & masking?
    • How to use layers for best results?
    • Mistakes to avoid
  • Deep dive into HDR photography

    Lesson 10

    • Advanced camera settings
    • Advanced Aurora HDR tools
    • Start making fantastic HDR photos

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